Solar Traffic Blinker

Model TRF/300/BLK-Y/12
Size 300mm (12 inch) & 200mm (8 inch)
Body Molded Polycarbonate, Suitable for extreme weather conditions
Working Voltage 12V DC, 24V DC, 230V AC
LED QTY 176 LED (300 mm) 140 LED (300 mm) (Power Saver Model) 96 LED (200 mm)
Certifications CE, ISO9001:2015, IP55

We offer our clients with solar blinkers that are the LED based Solar Blinker Unit. They have blinking cycle of Blinking mode 1 sec & Off mode for 1 sec. They are generally used as a symbol of some warning. This blinkers are available in Amber, Red color. Green Blinking signal is rarely used. This Solar Road Safety Warning Blinker uses solar energy to operate the signal. So there is no need of Electricity supply.
The whole assembly includes Solar Panel, Frame for Solar Panel, Traffic Signal Blinker, Wire Harness, Charge Controller, Battery, Battery Box, Signal Pole etc. Once you installed Solar Traffic Warning Blinker lasts for many years. These blinkers are available for Dusk to Dawn (Night Operation) or 24 hours Operation.

Sr. No Specification Details
1 Type of Lighting Application Emergency Lighting, Outdoor Lighting
2 Blinker Size 300mm (12 Inch) & 200mm (8 Inch)
3 Body Material Molded Polycarbonate, Suitable for extreme weather conditions
4 Lens U.V. Stabilized, Transparent Polycarbonate
5 Gasket Rubber Gasket for Sealing between Lens & Signal Unit
6 Color Red / Amber / Green
7 PCB Used 1.5 mm thick, Glass Epoxy for Power Supply / LED Display
8 LED Used Ultra Bright, Water clear
9 Viewing Angle 24 Degree for LED’s
10 No of LEDs 176 LED (300 mm)
140 LED (300 mm) (Power Saver Model)
96 LED (200 mm)
11 Charge Control Unit (CCU) Built In type, helps to protect battery from deep discharging. Also protect panel from Reverse Voltage.
12 Solar Panel 12 Volt, Wattage as per requirement
13 Battery (SMF) Sealed Maintenance Free Type
14 Wire Harness (Wiring) For making all connections easily and correctly between solar panel, Battery & Signals
15 Clamps For Mounting traffic signal, battery box & solar panel
16 Pole Dia 3” or 4”, Height 4 to 6 mt., GI or MS, Painted with Traffic yellow + Base plate
17 Working Voltage 12 V DC
18 Power Supply Total Solid State electronic Circuitry
19 Frequency 30 to 40 Flashes per Minute as desired
20 Operation 24 hours or 12 hours (Dusk to Dawn Night Operation)
21 Power Factor >0.9
22 Visibility 500 Mts., Good even during bad Weather
23 Certification IP 65, ISO 9001:2015

Solar panel, the first component of solar energy system, is a collection of individual silicon cells that generate electricity from sunlight. The photons (Light Particles) produce an electrical current as they strike the surface of the thin silicon wafers.

Sealed Maintenance Free Battery (SMF Type)
No need for checking electro level and topping throughout it’s life. Sealed construction ensures no leakage of see page of electrolyte from terminal or casing.

Protect Battery from External Damage Battery boxes are typically constructed in two parts, a base and a lid. The base serves as a containment reservoir to keep Battery & lid used for access to the battery Maintenance.

Used for Making Proper Connection
Manufactured using superior quality raw material, these Wires Harness has proper terminals. These terminals are connected to the solar panel, traffic signal blinker and battery. Each terminals has separate Ferrules which includes alpha numerical details of termination. This product useful for solar traffic signal Blinker.

Features:- Proper size wires are used depending on the capacity of battery current & various Signals attached to the same.

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